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Indulge yourself in a relaxing and romantic honeymoon at two of Belize’s luxury resorts.

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From jungle adventures to spa getaways, dream vacations start in Belize...

A tropical paradise bordered by Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea, the country of Belize is the hidden gem of Central America. The country’s unique mix of culture, history, and stunning biodiversity has only recently become widely recognized as global travelers seek to the experience the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and pristine jungles of the interior. While Belize enjoys a relatively undiscovered status when it comes to international travel, the country was once the center of the vast Mayan Civilization and is home to a unique mix of cultures and languages that vary from region to region, and village to village.

With its colorful reefs, secluded cayes, and warm seawater temperatures that average between 79 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s easy to see why so many people travel to Belize seeking a relaxed beach vacation. The country’s coastline extends 175 miles along the Caribbean Sea, offering countless opportunities to sink your toes into the sand or enjoy water sports from snorkeling and SCUBA diving to paddle boarding and kayaking. The coast of the Placencia Peninsula, home of Naïa Resort and Spa, is considered one of the best beaches in Belize, and we encourage every guest to fully explore its many delights.

Beyond the beach, there is even more to discover. Approximately 1,000 ancient Maya sites are scattered throughout Belize and while most remain unexplored, many of these portals to the past are protected and open for visitation. Guests can learn more about the colorful native plants and wildlife of the jungle with a guided hike. Those seeking more adrenaline-fueled vacations in Belize can enjoy zip lining adventures and mountain biking excursions, explore the country's intricate cave systems, or even go diving with whale sharks from March through June. There are endless wonders to discover in beautiful Belize, and Naїa Resort and Spa is your guide to them all.

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