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Total Relaxation: 6 night honeymoon package...

Indulge yourself in a relaxing and romantic honeymoon at two of Belize’s luxury resorts.

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Incorporating a variety of fresh, natural, organic, and biodynamic ingredients inspired by the indigenous botanicals, Naïa Spa’s facials incorporate a powerful multisensory approach to cleansing, healing, and renewal.

Tropical Restoration60 Minutes

Honor your body’s journey through life by treating your skin to tropical extracts to reveal skin that is ageing gracefully. A special Bamboo firming serum instantly lifts and tones, while a decadent Coconut moisturizer seals and protects. Lastly, the delicate eye area is treated to a gentle, lifting massage and targeted Neroli treatment and the lips are hydrated with a soothing Citrus balm.

Succulent Sun60 Minutes

The sun imparts a bounty of vitamins to the skin, but overexposure may result in hyperpigmentation, dehydration, and redness for both men and women. Restore moisture balance and even skin tone with luscious Aloe, Stone Crop, and Coconut Water. Following a targeted cleanse, a revitalizing masque instantly lightens the complexion through a proprietary blend of botanical brightening ingredients. Complete this results-oriented treatment with a protective mineral dusting that will leave skin smooth and glowing.

Clearly Citrus60 Minutes

Citrus is refreshing, cooling and energizing – and the perfect way to treat skin that is experiencing congestion or breakouts. Customized exfoliation featuring Almond or Pineapple exfoliation removes impurities from the skin’s surface and a specialized Kaolin Clay masque purifies deep within the pores. Extracts of Citrus soothe and tone while reparative Aloe keeps the complexion soft. The skin is left balanced, calmed and detoxified.

Vitamin Sea60 Minutes

Celebrate the diversity of skin nutrition with extracts from the bounty of the sea and fruits of the land. A gentle Citrus cleanse washes away traces of the day and prepares the skin for an enzymatic exfoliation featuring Seaweed extracts and ripe Pineapple. Plant-based blends of Vitamin C and E in an Avocado base infuse the complexion with a potent boost of antioxidants. Essences of Lemon and Grapefruit tone the skin, balancing oil production and infusing additional Vitamin C. A decadent Coconut moisturizer seals in all nutrients and the eye area is treated with an incredibly hydrating Biodynamic eye cream.

The Naïa Man60/90 Minutes

Honor your outward appearance with a facial tailored to address the complex needs of men’s skin. Each step of this relaxing experience is designed to hydrate, firm, and tone skin, reducing visible signs of aging. Heal your skin with a rich boost of antioxidants from hand-harvested Aloe, Stone Crop, and Lemon. A luxurious scalp massage completes this signature experience. Extend your experience with a moisturizing foot, arm, and hand treatment.

Ancient Traditions60/90 Minutes

Echoing the traditions of ancient Belizeans and their use of native botanicals, this one-of-a-kind facial experience honors generations of lifestyle beliefs and natural medicines. Soothing Aloe cleanses, Coconut Milk and Orange Blossom mist hydrates, and a Papaya enzyme exfoliation warms the skin. Then, a masque featuring a blend of eight green plant extracts simultaneously firms, balances, detoxifies, and brightens the complexion. The eyes are the window to the soul beyond the physical body; a dual eye treatment is performed to lift, tighten and hydrate. For men, we customize this experience with our Stone Crop moisturizer. If you are seeking a longer indulgence, a soothing and enriching foot, arm and hand treatment are offered.

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