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Total Relaxation: 6 night honeymoon package...

Indulge yourself in a relaxing and romantic honeymoon at two of Belize’s luxury resorts.

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Experience the release of stress and enter a calm retreat with Naïa Spa’s unique versions of traditional therapies and signature massages.

Timeless Classic60/90 Minutes

Relaxation is the focus of Naïa’s version of this classic Swedish massage. Gentle, smooth strokes will help restore your body and mind.

Native Essence60/90 Minutes

Copal, a tree resin, has been used for spiritual cleansing by indigenous healers for centuries. Copal, combined with other medicinal essential oils including ginger, ylang-ylang, and orange harvested in Belize have been thoughtfully blended to offer you a signature aromatherapy massage reflective of the richness and diversity of the region.

Deep Treasure60/90 Minutes

Releasing tension from deep within the muscle tissues is the intention of this therapeutic massage. You will immediately feel the corrective and restorative benefits of this treatment and be ready to take on another day of exploration and adventure.

Primeval Salt Stone60/90 Minutes

This full body Salt Stone Massage nourishes the body and relaxes the mind. From the ancient primal sea, these hand-carved salt stones are warmed before being used to massage the body in specific combinations designed to gently soothe away stress and tension. This results in very deep relaxation, improved sleep, and a sense of emotional peace.

Soothing Sole60/90 Minutes

After a day of voyaging, it is time to refresh the feet that carried you on your travels. This pampering treatment begins with a foot bath of water mixed with Naïa’s signature essential oil blend. Reflexology points are stimulated in the feet, revitalizing not simply your feet but all of the connected pathways throughout your body. For an extended service, reflexology will be applied to the hands along with a neck and shoulder massage.

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