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Feb 20, 2018

Searching for wellness in Belize: Wandering where the WiFi is weak, to find true connection

Sometimes you simply have to disconnect from your phone and reconnect with yourself!

Elsie Storm,  Transformational Life Coach, International Retreat Leader, Travel Writer and contributor to the Thrive Global wrote about her reconnection with herself and her husband in Belize at various resorts including Naia Resort and Spa.

"In a yoga class one morning, I noticed that instead of looking at myself in a wall mirror, I was gazing out at lush tropical greenery. This reminded me that wellness begins when we connect with nature and remove ourselves from our typical comfort zone. Once again, we had found yet another incredible spot in Belize that exemplified wellness and we knew that we would be bringing groups back here." says Storm, as she writes about her stay with us.

Read more of her article here.

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