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Oct 27, 2020

Bring Your BFF to Belize… For FREE!

By any measure 2020 has been one of those years we’d all rather forget. Here at Naia the weather has been perfect, our fabulous mile of beach remains pristine, the award-winning spa is more inviting than ever, and our amazing staff stands ready to serve your every need. All that’s missing is you… along with your favorite friends and family. Whether you’re ready to join us now or a year from now here’s an offer you can’t refuse:

Make a room reservation secured by a 25% deposit for any dates from now to October 31, 2021
and you will receive, at no additional cost,
an equivalent stay for friends or family travelling at the same time.


Example: Book 7 nights in February in a gorgeous beachfront studio and your designated friends or family can join you in their own beachfront studio next door at absolutely no additional charge!

There is no limit to the length of stay or size of the booking: the longer you stay, the larger accommodation, the greater the free credit. The booking can include multiple units and applies to friends, families or even workplace groups. The credit is expressed as a dollar value and can be used toward any additional accommodation beyond that of the original guest.


  • It does not apply to peak period of Dec. 20-Jan.3.
  • The stay of your BFF must overlap with yours for at least three nights.
  • The credit is for room only and does not apply to meals, spa or tours.
  • The credit cannot be used beyond the original stay.
  • Booking and deposit must be made prior to April 15, 2021.
  • Full payment is due within 45 days of stay. If you cancel the reservation outside of a week before arrival for any reason, it can be rescheduled with full BFF credit within a year without penalty.

We urge you to make your reservation as soon as possible to secure prime dates and accommodation.

Email [email protected] to book your stay today or to find out more.

Note that Naia is a certified Gold Standard resort employing the highest international standards for health and safety.

One last thing… In case you are wondering why we are making this unusual offer; it is simply that after over six months with no visitors from abroad we are going a bit stir crazy (not to mention deep into overdraft). We want to see Naia filled up with happy, interesting guests and looking forward to getting all of our lives back on track. See you soon!

The Naia Team