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About Belize

From the Caribbean Sea, to the mangrove swamps, to the pristine jungle and mysterious Maya Mountains, there is something here to quench the thirst of every explorer and traveler. Belize is truly a land of adventure.

Bordered by Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea, Belize has only recently made its mark within the world of global travel, and as adventure-seekers continue to discover and explore its endless opportunities, our beautiful country continues to grow, surprise and delight.

Formerly known as British Honduras, before its Independence in 1981, Belize has a population of approximately 370,000 people spread over a land area of 8,867 square miles, making it roughly the same size as the US state of Massachusetts, or the country of Wales in the United Kingdom.

In ancient times the country formed a vital part of the Mayan civilization, and since that era successive waves of both forced and unforced immigration, have created a Belize that rich in culture and as ethnically diverse as any country of its size.

Owing to its colonial past, English is the official language of Belize, although around one third of the population also speak Spanish and, depending on location, visitors may also hear various Mayan languages, Garifuna, Low German or even Cantonese spoken. All of these however, take a back seat to Kriol, the English-based lingua franca used by virtually all Belizeans in daily communication, no matter their ethnicity.

With an average high temperature of 84°F, Belize enjoys a tropical climate and an extraordinary level of biodiversity and undisturbed ecosystems. The country’s coastline extends 175 miles along the Caribbean Sea and is home to the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, and the infamous Blue Hole. Beyond the beaches and amazing maritime adventures lie pristine jungles, mountains and rivers. Dotting every part of the country – both above and below ground – lie countless Maya sites, some restored to their former majesty while others still await discovery.