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Naia Belize FAQs

Construction on the resort began in February 2015 and was completed in September of 2016.
The hotel was officially opened in January of 2017.

The word ‘Naia’ comes from the Greek name for water nymphs, Naiads (pronounced NY-ads). In
Greek mythology they were water spirits that inhabited lakes, streams and rivers and were
primarily female. The name was inspired by Naia’s many lagoons, the sea, and especially by the
water and feeling of the spa area.

The name 1981 is a direct reference to the year that Belize became independent from Britain.
The décor features original posters and photos from that year, as well as photos from the
Hollywood films ‘Mosquito Coast’ and ‘The Dogs of War’ which were both shot in Belize in the
early 80’s. The collection of bottles behind the bar is on loan from Adam Krohn, who found
most of them in Belize City. The collection consists primarily of rum, gin, medicine and poison
bottles, as well as some ink containers. The oldest ones date back to the 1600s.

We are very proud to say that our staff (and management!) is 100% Belizean. Our staff hails
from all corners of the country, with the majority from the Stann Creek, Toledo and Cayo

Naia is owned by GBP Investments Ltd. The company dates back to 1982 and started out as a
television production company that later founded Channel 5. The company’s founder and
current managing director is Stewart Krohn.

Cocoplum was the original name given to the entire development, of which Naia Resort and Spa
is a part of. The property consists of 213 acres of land in total. Naia Resort and Spa occupies 19
acres, and the rest of the property consists of residential lots, roads and park areas. Cocoplum
was rebranded in 2021, changing to Naia Residences in order to streamline marketing and
reduce confusion with other properties bearing the Cocoplum name.

The Villas at Cocoplum are a neighboring condo development. Another developer bought 11
acres from GBP Investments in 2005 and has built 3 condo buildings, with a 4th under
construction. They currently share an entrance with Naia from the main road.

Owners and guests at the Villas at Cocoplum are not entitled to free use of Naia’s amenities like
the main pool, bicycles, kayaks and paddle boards or the gym. They also are not entitled to any
owner discounts.

You can buy property here! Front desk agents and any other staff should refer such inquiries
straight to Aaron Krohn, and in the event he is not available, Mr. Stewart.

The island or caye (pronounced key) in front of the resort is called False Caye. It is called that
because sailors would often mistake it for Placencia Caye. The point where the resort is located
is conversely called False Point, as mariners would also mistake this area for the very end of the
peninsula, or Placencia Point.

Kayaking there is a 45 minute to an hour one way depending on how much wind there is. Once
there, you can snorkel and explore the coral heads found in the area. It is possible to take a
paddle board there, but only on extremely calm days and if you have adequate experience.

From time to time we receive an overabundance of an algae called ‘sargassum’. It forms in the
Atlantic Ocean and is carried to us here in the Western Caribbean by the trade winds and
associated currents. Our staff works tirelessly to pick it up and dispose of it so that our guests
can enjoy our lovely beaches.

Most of the plastic on the beach is from rivers in Guatemala and Honduras that empty into the
sea to the south of us. The tides then carry it to our shores. Our team does its best to pick up
the garbage every day.

Yes, it is. There is a nice patch of coral about 200 feet off the beach from the main pool area.
However, it is good to be aware of a couple things. One, shuffle your feet as you enter the
water. This is to prevent stepping on a stingray and is especially important on days when the
water is not clear. Once you are in water that is about chest high you don’t need to shuffle.
Jellyfish sometimes are in the area, but the stings are usually mild and can be treated with a hot
shower or vinegar (or urine if you’re feeling adventurous).

The rocks that are there were placed in an effort to control erosion. While it is a minor
inconvenience, it prevents the loss of our beautiful beach.

Placencia Village is just under 20 minutes away by car, 30 minutes by golf cart, or about a 40-
minute bike ride. Seine Bight Village and Maya Beach are less than 10 minutes away by car (in
opposite directions), 10-15 minutes by golf cart, or about 15 minutes by bicycle.

Belize City is roughly 3 hours away by car, or a 40-minute plane ride. Belmopan is 2 hours away
by car.

Belize is home to roughly 450,000 people. The largest population center, Belize City, is home to
around 90,000.

Belize was a former British colony (the only one in Central America), and as a result English is the
official language of the country. However, a large percentage of the population also speaks
Spanish, and most people speak Kriol, a dialect based on English that is very similar to Jamaican

Apart from English, Kriol and Spanish, the following are spoken in Belize: Mopan Maya, Kek’chi
Maya, Garifuna, and Low German (Mennonites).

Nope. Not even a little bit. The word Creole/Kriol means mixed, and in the Belizean context is a
reference to people who have both African and European ancestry. The French never had any
presence in Belize.

Building on stilts was done for several reasons. One was to catch more breeze and face less
harassment by insects. The other was to avoid flooding or storm surge. The last and probably most practical was to have a shaded area to use for storage, hanging clothes, and later, as a
person’s family grew, to have an area you could case in and turn into additional living space.

As things stand there is only one major hurricane on record that made direct landfall on the
Placencia Peninsula, that being hurricane Iris in 2001. We’ve had some near misses in recent
years (Hurricane Nana in 2020, and Hurricane Lisa in 2022), but neither did any damage. Belize
on a whole gets hit by a major hurricane every 30 years or so.

While marijuana use has been decriminalized, you could still be arrested if you were found
smoking or in possession of weed by the police. Same goes for all other illicit drugs.

Yes! Our hotel has a gift shop.

Those are most likely Agouti, or bush rabbits. They are abundant here and can most be seen at
dawn and dusk. They are rodents, but only eat nuts, seeds and fungi.

Naia is home to many different animal species, including green iguana, black spiny tailed iguana,
agouti, grey foxes, Mexican porcupines, racoons, boa constrictors, green-headed tree snakes,
pelicans, cormorants and ospreys. Dolphins and manatees can sometimes be seen in the lagoon
or in the sea.

Yes!!! Paddling through our serene mangrove cathedrals is a one-of-a-kind experience. The
tour is only an hour and a half long and leaves from our lagoon side, which is only 5 minutes

Most of the food served at the restaurant is not organic but is locally grown. Our beef is grass
fed, and the fish, conch and lobster are sustainably caught off the coast. The shrimp and
chicken are all from local farms.