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We are located at Mile 17.5 on the Placencia Peninsula, a long strip of land that divides the Caribbean Sea from the Placencia Lagoon. Surrounded by beach and mangrove wetlands, the area was originally settled in by the ancient Maya, most likely as a source of salt, before becoming a haven for buccaneers in the 17th and 18th centuries. In recent history, Placencia was known as a small fishing village, but now many residents are actively involved in tourism, with diving, snorkeling, fishing and jungle adventures being high on the menu.

The village of Placencia continues to develop, but always at its own pace. We have a diverse community with its own unique flavor, different to anywhere else you may travel in Belize. The locals are friendly and you will always find somebody happy to share a story whether you’re in the village of Placencia, or Seine Bight, which lies 5 miles north of Placencia and is home primarily to Garifuna Belizeans. The Garifuna (or Garinagu in plural form) are a mixture of Africans and Carib Indians from the Eastern Caribbean, who took refuge in Belize in the early 19th century.

The Peninsula is home to a number of art and gift shops, intimate restaurants and beach bar as well as Tutti Frutti, serving the best gelato this side of Rome! While you are here, explore everything, and in only a few days, you will soon feel a part of the community.

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